Tuesday, May 21, 2013

tag : Reading & Book Buying Habits

Reading & Book Buying Habits

What genre do you read?

Fantasy, Science fiction, mystery, trillers and classics mostly :)

What type of book (hardcover, e-book, audio) do you buy?
I like hardcovers. Don't like paperbacks because I cant stand broken spines, ebooks because I like having the actual books(you know, in case of a zombi apocalypse), and audio because I space out way to easily.

When do you read? How much time do you spend reading?

At night, I usually read from 11 o'clock until I'm too sleepy, about 3 o'clock?

When do you buy?
Whenever I feel like it, usually a couple times a month.

Where do you read?

Usually in bed.

Where do you buy?
I try to buy cheap as much as I can, so library stores, thrift stores, independent bookstores.

Comic are the only thing I only buy in one place, Nuclear Comics in O.C.

Why do you read?

If I have to blame someone, that would be my mom, she had the bug and gave it to me.

Why do you buy?
Uh.. because I love reading?

Who do you read around?

My husband, also known as my darlin' boyfriend is always snoring by my side.

Who buys you books? Who do you buy books for?
My family and friends try to, but they usually just give me the gift cards.:P

I gift books to my mom, sister, some of my friends that like reading..

How do you read? (other reading habits & rituals)

At night, in bed, no eating or drinking.. that is pretty much it.

How much money do you spend on books? How many books do you have?

Any where around $20 to $100 dollars a month. Depends on sales and stuff.
I don't know exactly, 350 here in California and the bulk of it is in Brazil, I would say 450 to 500? Haven't figured out a way to bring them here yet, I'll have to bring them slowly :)

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