Tuesday, May 14, 2013

book STORAGE ideas. #1

     Before I figured out my book storage solution, I researched a lot, first because I spend enough money with books, I really didn't want to go broke on bookshelfs.
     This first post is going to be bookshelfs that are readily available and you just have to put them together.

     1st is Walmart, do I need to say anything else? 

They even came in a set of two!

     2nd is Target, I love Tarjay, I can get pretty much anything there. Their stuff usually has good quality and decent prices.

     3rd. I love Ikea, half my house is from there and I happen to own two expedit units, a 2x2 in the closet and 2x4 on my desk. They are easy to organize, and look really nice.
     Ikea furniture is also very easy to find on Craigslist or Garage sales, the prices are usually great.
Oh, also dont forget to check their sale section, always have good deals.

( Ikea 1  Ikea 2 )

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