Saturday, June 8, 2013

Letter to Jo Rowling

I was born in a family that loves to read, the first books came when I couldn't even grasp the whole concept of walking. I don't mean the books that people read to me, but when I started to pretend that I was reading. You see, I loved the little Disney books that came with cassette tapes, I used to spend hours alternating between barbie dolls and those.
I like to think that that was the time when I started to make my own stories, with a little help from Ariel and Aladdin, but who is to blame?
After those stories were burn in to my brain and not as interesting, reading turned to something very foreign to me, I don't know exactly what happened, I guess it was just life.
I still loved the idea of books, but I couldn't identify with them anymore, time passed and I just forgot about them.
Thats when Harry arrived in my life, I was eleven and he thought me how to believe in magic. Better yet, he thought me that it was ok to believe in magic.
He was with me when I had my first heart break, witch was so hard, but i can't imagine how it would be do go though without those books on my nightstand.
Then I started adventuring in other shelfs and soon enough I had my own little library at home.
I made friends in the lines of the bookstores, I took my english classes seriously just to make sure I would me able to read the books as soon as they came out.
I read the last book when going away to college. I had law school in front of me and for the first time I was by myself. Except I realized that I wasn't, because once again that world, somehow, made me closer to my own world. Suddenly I had friends again, showing up at two in the morning and emptying my fridge.
By the time I closed the 7th book, I realized how scared I was that that part of my life was over, only it wasn't. I know that you created Harry, but he is part of me and that will never be over.
After some unfortunate events and a lot of wonderful ones, I met the love of my life. He lives in the United Estates and I'm Brazilian. We meet because I moved to the States for work
Everything was going so well, then I got back to Brazil, and we found out that my mom had breast cancer. I still think that those histories were the only thing that kept me sane, helped me to be there for my mom. She too is a huge fan and the books were something we shared. There was surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, we were so scared. Fortunately my mom has been cancer free for two years now.
When the fear passed, I told my, then boyfriend, I would move in with him. We are yang, in love, so I swallowed my fear and packed a bag. 
He asked me what I wanted to make me feel at home, it was also my birthday at the time. I told him I would like a Harry Potter box set.
By the time I got to the airport I had forgotten about the whole gift thing. He picked me up and we went home, you see, after 20 hours between flights and airports, all I wanted was a shower and a nap. We got home and there was an empty bookshelf with just the box set on it. He kept insisting for me to take a look and the books, so I took them out of the shelf and thats when I saw the box with a ring inside. Thats how he asked me if I would be his wife. 
We are married now, living in California and my family is so far away. I always miss them, but sometimes is so hard I can't breathe… that's when that box set is handy, because all I need is coffee and a few hours reading.
Better than that only if I could see them in person, apparition would be very useful now.

Thank you.

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