Monday, August 24, 2015

drink : Brazilian Lemonade

I have been seeing different takes on this all around recently and a work friend asked me if it was a real thing, or just an american invented thing with a Brazilian stamp on top. And to be honest I never gave it a second thought, yes it is common in Brazil, although, I don't know if it is our invention, and for the confused people out there, I am Brazilian, even though I live in North Carolina now.

Where I am from, this lemonade is called Swiss Lemonade and is a treat, not a daily thing, we used to get it leaving the beach, when all the sea salt made it even sweeter.

First, we use limes, so this should technically be a limeade? You can use lemons, but the end result is just too sweet, the tartiness of the limes work better with the condensed milk.

The proportions are as follows:

1/2 cup juice from about 10 limes
3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
pinch salt
3 cups cold water
1 quart ice

Serve with a little zest on top for fragrance and maybe a little rum.. and  Enjoy!

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